The Glasgow Media Group is composed of scholars and specialists in the area of communications, many of whom worked originally in the Glasgow University Media Unit. They publish collectively under the name of the Glasgow Media Group.


Greg Philo is Research Director of the Glasgow University Media Unit and is Professor of Communications and Social Change in the department of Sociology at Glasgow University. 


He has led the Media Unit for a period of 30 years and in that time the Unit and the work published by the Media Group has had a substantial impact on the theory and practice of mass communications in this country and abroad.  They have pioneered research methods focusing on the use of language in news and other media formats and have investigated how meanings are established for audiences. Their research methodologies have become models for development and the work of the Unit has had a major impact on the curricula of media and communication studies in the UK and elsewhere. 


The influence of this work has extended well beyond the normal boundaries of media/communications studies.  It is used extensively across the social sciences and by researchers in areas such as risk analysis, mental health, discrimination, climate change and other areas of social policy.